Introduction of SLIPO at the WIGeoGIS Knowledge Day – Munich

As part of the dissemination activities, the SLIPO project was presented and introduced at the WIGeoGIS Knowledge Day meeting in Munich on May 17th.

The WIGeoGIS Knowledge Day is a Geomarketing platform for exchanging knowledge between WIGeoGIS customers and the WIGeoGIS Partner Network. The meeting takes place two times a year. The aim of the event is to present new and innovative map-based analysis and Geomarketing-solutions based on real customer case studies.

In addition to the case studies from CLAAS, easyApotheke and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, this year’s Knowledge Day was focused on the topic of geographical data. WIGeoGIS has answered such questions as: How can companies get the most out of their own and external data (Big Data) and what is the easiest way to integrate data? Thus the SLIPO project was very well integrated into the focus of the event.

Renate Dumberger presented the concept and the benefits of the SLIPO project to 94 participating persons from more than 60 different companies and organisations. The introduction of SLIPO project at the Knowledge Day in Munich and the discussions with customers and partners has helped to design realistically use-cases, which is very important for the further development for the SLIPO project.


Picture: SLIPO Introduction by Renate Dumberger at Knowledge Day Munich


In order to capture further experiences from different industries and to integrate them into the project, SLIPO will also be introduced at the WIGeoGIS Knowledge Day in Vienna on October 11th 2017. At the moment, there are more than 100 registrations for the event.


Have a look at  the WIGeoGIS Website and register for the Knowledge Day on October 11th in Vienna. We are looking forward to see you in Vienna!