SLIPO – Plenary Meeting in Bonn

The 2nd SLIPO plenary meeting took place in March 2018 at Fraunhofer IAIS in Schloss Birlinghoven near Bonn.


The aim of the two-day meeting was to compare the use-case and pilot specifications with the technical possibilities of SLIPO toolkit in order to develop and optimize the SLIPO Workbench design.

On the first day, Athena Research presented the first prototype of the SLIPO Workbench to all project members. The first draft of the SLIPO Workbench was designed based on the case studies developed by the business partners and also on the discussions of former project meetings. The final version of the SLIPO Workbench will allow users to easily transform, enrich, interlink, fuse and analyze POI data, without having expertise and know-how in machine learning technologies. Also on the first day of the meeting the research partners presented their latest developments and also showed some live demos of the different SLIPO toolkits which will work together as part of the SLIPO workbench. The following figure gives an overview of all SLIPO components.

During the second day of the meeting the business partners introduced their use-case and pilot specifications in detail.  The SLIPO Workbench and the toolkit functionality were discussed thoroughly and mapped on the requirements of the prescribed pilot specification in order to identify critical issues and find a solution.

The first draft of the SLIPO workbench will be introduced in the next weeks. Stay tuned!