SLIPO publications in EDBT 2019


We are happy to announce that two papers based on our work in SLIPO have been accepted in EDBT 2019!

The 22nd edition of the EDBT/ICDT Joint Conference will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, 26-29 March 2019 and the detailed program has just been finalized.

More specifically, the following paper will be presented at the Industry & Applications Track of the conference:

Big POI Data Integration with Linked Data Technologies.

In this paper, we present an integrated toolkit for transforming, linking, fusing and enriching POI data, and extracting additional value from them. In particular, we discuss how Linked Data technologies can address the limitations, gaps and challenges of the current landscape in Big POI data integration. We have built a prototype application that enables users to define, manage and execute scalable POI data integration workflows built on top of state-of-the-art software for geospatial Linked Data. Validated against real-world POI datasets in several application domains, our system has shown great potential to address the requirements and needs of cross-sector, cross-border and cross-lingual integration of Big POI data.

Furthermore, we will demonstrate the rich functionality of the SLIPO Workbench application at the Demo session of the conference:

SLIPO: Large-Scale Data Integration for Points of Interest.

In this demo, we will showcase our system prototype that addresses the limitations, gaps and challenges in integrating, enriching, and sharing POI data. Leveraging the Linked Data paradigm to effectively extract the most out of open, crowdsourced or proprietary real-world data sources, SLIPO tackles their inherent spatial, temporal, or thematic ambiguities in POI data. SLIPO orchestrates state-of-the-art software customized for POI data integration and hides all Linked Data complexities in the background, thus enabling stakeholders to increase the value of their data and relieving them from labor-intensive, manual, error-prone, and costly updates.

The full text of both papers will soon be publicly available at the Proceedings of the 22nd edition of the EDBT/ICDT Joint Conference.

Looking forward to meeting you in Lisbon and discuss with you all our recent advances regarding POI data integration!