Project cooperation QROWD & SLIPO

The Touristic Network app, built in the QROWD research project, is designed to revolutionize winter tourism in Trentino, a province in the alpine region of Northern Italy. The app offers users an overview of how much time is needed to reach any open ski resort in the Trentino area. The travel time calculation considers probable delays on the route (traffic jam, incidents), regardless of where they are coming from. Additionally, information is conveyed on available services and the status of ski resorts. All this travel information helps visitors select the optimal route option to drive to the ski resort that meets their needs.

Information on every ski resort area is collected from a variety of sources to guarantee high-accuracy. Converging all these datasets could be problematic, for various reasons. In some cases, the same information could be contained in the various datasets. The effect is that merging the datasets could potentially cause ambiguous duplications. Additionally, dealing with a diversity of data formats may cause complications.

SLIPO tries to remedy these situations by providing the SLIPO Workbench, a complete software suite for handling the linking and integration of Big POI (Points of Interest) data assets. The SLIPO Workbench supports the entire lifecycle of POI integration (transformation, linking, fusion, and enrichment) and reduces the effort, time, and cost to integrate POI data at a world-scale.

In the context of QROWD, the SLIPO Workbench at the moment is being tested and evaluated based on its efficacy and the user-friendliness of the process. Combining the different POIs located within and around the ski resorts offers a nice challenge to SLIPO. This is because the different datasets contain a diversity of geometry (points, lines, and polygons), adding complexity to the interlinking process. The goal of the cooperation is to support QROWD in data processing. The cooperation also aims to identify current limitations of SLIPO. Identified issues can then be used for further development and improvement of SLIPO workbench.

Stay tuned for our next project update.