GETGET is a high-tech SME (, with solutions covering the entire lifecycle of geospatial data. It produces, maintains and curates geospatial data for the public and private sector, and develops high-value geospatial desktop and web applications. GET has significant market experience, networking ties, and exploitation channels worldwide, with particular emphasis in developing cost effective open-source based services. More…

Key Personnel

Theodoros Vakkas is a Spatial Systems Engineer at GET. He is an expert in the design and implementation of solutions and projects in the field of SDIs, open geospatial data, and geospatial web mapping applications. He is the lead developer of the GET SDI Portal, which enriches the capabilities of web browsers with features of SDI software and facilitates the process of sharing and reuse of geospatial data.

Simos Kamilieris is a Geospatial Web developer at GET. He has 7 years of IT development experience with emphasis the last 3 years in GIS software and applications as well as in design, development and implementation of geo-portals.