Institute for the Management of Information Systems / "Athena" Research Center

Athena is a leading RTD institution active in research on all aspects of open data with specific emphasis on geospatial data. Athena developed and maintains, Greece’s open geospatial data catalogue. Operating since 8/2010, it was one out of eight national open data portals worldwide. It has led to direct savings of 20M€ for the public sector alone and is actively used by 1.000 users/day. Read more 



Rasdaman is a high-tech SME leading the development of rasdaman, an open source exascale big geospatial data analysis server. Rasdaman is a raster database system developed in the context of various RTD projects and provides fast, scalable, flexible and open standards web-based big data analysis for geospatial data. Read more



GeoLabs is a high-tech SME leading the development of numerous open source geospatial projects, among which the ZOO-Project, a web processing framework for geospatial data. ZOO provides a WPS-compliant developer-friendly framework to create, manage, chain, and execute WPS. Read more



GET is a high-tech SME active in the entire lifecycle of geospatial data. It produces, maintains and curates geospatial data and develops high-value geospatial applications. GET has significant market experience, networking ties, and exploitation channels, with emphasis in cost effective open-source based services.Read more