FOSS project PublicaMundi convenes at FOSS4G-Europe

EU funded project PublicaMundi has set out to enhance CKAN, the well known, widely used data catalogue, with advanced geospatial capabilities. Several leading FOSS geospatial tools and libraries are extended and integrated in CKAN, slowly making open geospatial data first-class citizens. The collective effort of the FOSS GIS community is the driving force behind PublicaMundi.

Now PublicaMundi has decided to have their next project meeting aligned with FOSS4G-Europe, (July 21-22 in Bremen) and become a proud sponsor of FOSS4G-Europe.

For two PublicaMundi collaborators this is particularly convenient: Gerald Fenoy and Peter Baumann both are on the organizing committee board of FOSS4G-Europe. Increasingly, FOSS4G-Europe is becoming a focal point for European events, and even beyond Europe. For the entire PublicaMundi consortium, FOSS4G-Europe will be a great opportunity to collect feedback from developers, gauge interest, explore collaborations, and showcase our work. Come and meet us at our stand!

FOSS4G-Europe is the annual gathering of European Open Source Geospatial Developers, Users and Leaders – at Jacobs University Bremen in the heart of Europe, 15th to 17th of July. A free and open source conference and exhibition that offers geospatial communities, research groups and businesses a place to meet, share ideas and have fun.

This year’s conference is under the motto “Independent Innovation for INSPIRE and Big Data“, characterizing the independence of the Free and Open Source movement from commercial product interest, and the power of innovation which the worldwide networks of FOSS enthusiasts unleashes. This energy is essential for mastering the challenges we are facing. Among the many ones ahead of us two stand out in particular.

Stay tuned, more news under FOSS4G-Europe.